Cao has been in business for over 60 years and it's not hard to tell why. Not only do they have several exquisite flavors for their cigars, but they are most distinguishable by their smooth, natural, and refined flavor. Some of the examples of the flavors that Cao produces are cedar, dark cocoa, roasted nuts, as well as leather. This company has only very recently released their first-ever cigar that is produced within the confines of the Dominican Republic. This new cigar under their name is called Cao Vision and is quality assured tested to be sure that it is up to Cao standards and it also aims to be one of the best in the Cao line of cigars. As an example, the cigar box that the Cao Vision comes packaged in is tested before it hits the market. The cigar gurus spend countless hours making sure that the relative humidity in which the cigars are protected in falls between the sixty-eight to seventy-two percent that which makes cigars excellent for storage.

In addition to their flavors listed above, Cao has a cigar box that is perfect for those that have been newly introduced to the cigar industry as well as Cao cigars. Their Commemorative Cao collection includes all seven of their premium blend's of cigars, so is worthwhile to those who want to find out what Cao is actually all about.

The Cao brand is even so popular that it is featured within movies as well as popular cable television stations, such as A&E. Cao is not only one of the biggest cigar producers within the world, but is enjoyed by many people far and wide also.