Have you ever gotten a hold of a Cuban cigar? If you haven't then you must take a look and consider getting cigars made by Cohiba. Not only were they originally only specifically made for Fidel Castro in the early 1980s, but they are considered a fine delight now in the public consumption in Cuba.

The company Cohiba actualy gets its name from the Taino word for tobacco. Cohiba actually produces two types of cigars that are popular in Cuba: one type is strictly produced in Cuba itself while the other one is produced in the Dominican Republic. If you have ever tried a Cohiba cigar, you might well wonder what it is that makes it taste so different from other cigars you may have tried. The secret, however, lies in the fermentation process that Cohiba puts its many cigars through. Cohiba actually puts its own cigars through a third and final fermentation process unlike other more common cigars. This third fermentation process is why people love the cigar so much: it gives it a more refined and smoother flavor.

Even more interesting about Cohiba is the fact that they have over five sizes for all of their cigars. The people of Cuba and the Dominican Republic certainly have a fantastic array from Cohiba to choose from. If they are good enough for Fidel Castro, they are definitely good enough for the citizens of Cuba!