When one purchases a Fuente Cigar, they know with confidence that they are buying a highly specialized and produced Cigar. The reason for this is that the Fuente Cigars boast over four generations of family history and their cigar-making ventures have been passed down to generation to generation. They can trace their cigar producing history all the way back to the late 1800s and know that they are one of the oldest cigar companies in the world. Two of the fourth generation family members that are now deeply involved with the making of these cigars include Carlos Fuente Junior, as well as Cynthia Fuente Suarez.

The Fuente Cigar line consists of over ten different styles and unique flavors and is made with some of the highly flavored tobacco within the Fuente family reserve, named the A-Fuente Gran Reserva. This reserve has been set aside specifically for the producing of their cigars and is where the family works on making each cigar with care and specialty flavors.

Some of the flavors of their cigars include the Arturo Fuente, Cuesta-Rey, Cuesta-Rey Centenario, the Diamond Crown, and the Don Carlos. All of the Fuente cigars are made within the Dominican Republic and are all handmade by people that they have specifically trained to produce the highly sophisticated cigars that come from their plantation. All of the work that goes into Fuente cigars comes from not only generations of cigar making, but from the hands that love the art of producing cigars!