Created in 1971, the Macanudo cigar was developed and given the name of Macanudo. This cigar was originally produced in Jamaica by Ramon Cifuentes but is now made in the Dominican Republic. The Macanudo cigar boasts its accomplishments of giving its smokers the best quality to enjoy and aims to give them the most relaxing moment of the day when they light up with one of Macanudo's cigars.

The Macanudo cigar brand is proud of their five specifically produced cigars that are made of the most premium quality. Their five kinds of cigars include the Macanudo Cafe, Macanudo Robust, Macanudo Maduro, Macanudo Vintage, and the Macanudo Gold Label. The Gold Label, of course, is one of their cigars that is the limited edition and is not going to be produced as long as the others.

All of Macanudo's cigars, however, are hand-crafted in the Dominican Republic and are made only by the hands of the people who love the cigar-making process. In addition, all of Macanudo's cigars are made with the best Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers to ensure that the people who love the brand so much will not be let down! One should definitely try the Macanudo Cigar and decide for him or herself whether or not the brand lives up to its name!