With the Montecristo Cigar No. 4 being the most popular cigar in the cigar industry, it's no wonder why Montecristo's are smoked everywhere where cigars are popular.

The brand of Montecristo was actually named after the famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo and the logo is two swords cross together, one yellow and one red. The company that produces Montecristo was created in 1935 in Cuba. Montecristo actually has two brands of cigars to its name; one is created in Cuba and the other is produced in the Dominican Republic.

Only in the 1970s, however, was the Montecristo cigar allowed to be distributed within the United States. The headquarters was moved to the Dominican Republic and the company is now owned by Altadis SA, who continues to control the distribution of the Montecristo cigar.

Some of the types of cigars that Montecristo produces are actually machine-made. Shorter than the regular version of the Montecristo cigars, these three cigars that are machine made are named the Club, the Mini, as well as the Purito. Also, a newer and bigger version of the regular cigars was only recently released in 2004. This cigar continued the tradition of being named after The Count of Monte Cristo and was named Edmundo for the hero of the novel. All in all, people everywhere who like to smoke brand-name cigars know what Montecristo is and as mentioned before, is one of the most popular on the cigar market today!