With a little over forty years in the business of cigar making, the tradition of hand-making each and every cigar is important to the Padron family. The Padron family who goes by the motto, "Quality is a matter of family honor," takes that motto and uses it in the making of their cigars. The reason that Padron cigars are one of the most delicate cigars in Cuba is because of the family tradition that has been made of making each and every cigar by hand.

The publication Cigar Aficionado actually named one of the Padron cigars to be the Cigar of the year in 2006 because the quality testers of the cigars were astounded by the quality and flavor of the cigar that was produced. The cigar that was actually tested was the Padron's fortieth anniversary cigar, which was named the Padron Serie for its fortieth year anniversary and received a score rating of 93 out of 100. The rating that Padron's cigar received was one of the best in the cigar rating industry and shows even more the quality of the Padron cigar.

Everyone who smokes a Padron cigar knows that the family company not only strives for quality, but aims to be the best cigar in the cigar industry. Even though it has not reached that stage yet, cigar lovers know what they love and they love the Padron cigar.